Acronyms, Definitions & Detritus

ABV – Alcohol by volume

BCLS – British Columbia Liquor Store

BOMBER – The 650ml bottles that breweries oftentimes use to showcase beers that aren’t necessarily their mainstays.

CB&W – Cold Beer & Wine

CICERONE – The name given to a certified beer expert.  He or she is to beer as a Sommelier is to wine.

DIPA – Double India Pale Ale.  The ‘double’ comes from the two “i”s in this acronym: IIPA, which stands for Imperial India Pale Ale.  An Imperial or Double IPA is going to be a bigger beer than an IPA, usually with a higher ABV.

GROWLER – When black bears engage in the act of intercourse, inevitably one or the other will give forth with a loud, guttural growl upon completion.  The growl itself is not particularly long, usually one or two exhalations, and signals to the forest at large and bears in particular that coitus is complete.  Of all the black bear populations throughout the Cascadia Region, Growlers seem to be limited to British Columbia.  No one knows why.

GCBF – Great Canadian Beer Festival, out of Victoria

GVRD – Greater Vancouver Regional District

IBU – International Bitterness Units

IPA – India Pale Ale

IIPA – Imperial India Pale Ale

IMPERIAL – Brother if you see the word, “Imperial” in front of your beer (ie – Imperial Stout or Imperial IPA) hold onto your hind-quarters ‘cuz that sucker’s gonna be strong!

MBW – My Beautiful Wife

NSFBB – Not Suitable For Beer Blog

S2SBD – Sea to Sky Beer Dad

S2SBD – Sea to Sky Beer Dog

Yes, those last two acronyms are darn near identical.  I guess you’re just gonna have to decide for yourself whether or not I’m referring to my Dad or my dog.  While my Dad does salivate and fetch sticks from time to time, context is everything.

VCBW – Vancouver Craft Beer Week.  A beast of a beer fest that I’ve written about more than once.