Monita, a Blonde IPA by Andina Brewing Company

And now for your reading pleasure: the manuscript of a short vignette I’ve written inspired by Andina Brewing Company’s Blonde IPA named… Monita. “Oh Monita!  You scandal, you red-letter-lover! Are you the cause of my face’s flush? My heart’s blood-rush?” Of course she was. “But wait, what is this I see?” Our hero looks curiously…Read moreRead more

Zunga, A Golden Blonde Ale by Townsite Brewing

Hey, how’s your rope-swing game? Personally, it’s been awhile.  But I feel like, under the right circumstances, I could swing again. I’ve said in the past that styles such as lagers and light ales just aren’t my thing.  Though, to be fair to me, part of that disdain was born from the obscene amounts of…Read moreRead more

Squamish Beer Festival 2018

The Squamish Beer Festival was a spectacle now only visible in our rear view mirror.  And while objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, I fear it’s getting further away with each passing day.  But there is no melancholy here, the damned thing was far too fun to for sadness to seep in. …Read moreRead more

A is for A-Frame and B is for Beer…

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in a well-made wooden chair, lakeside in the late afternoon.  The slats of the Adirondack are warm, releasing the sun they absorbed into your chore-worn muscles.  There’s a light sloshing of water against dock.  But rather than distract, it provides a baseline, a starting point of sorts, for the…Read moreRead more

B is for Books, Beer and Bloomer

B is for Beer but also for Bloomer. Late Bloomer, a Cherry Sour by Parallel 49 Brewing Company.  I picked up three of the four barrel aged offerings from P49 a month ago and this was my first foray into the series. I was about to do a live read on Instagram (a bedtime story…Read moreRead more

Parkside, Parallel 49, and Perspective: A Father’s Day Post

The last of my Brews Brothers beer, this was a welcome escape from (what I at first thought was) a thoroughly shitty day last week.  Allow me to explain…   Not getting much sleep, feeling overwhelmed at work, feeling overwhelmed with the S2SBG Empire and the secondary writing oppurtunities said empire has spawned, getting over…Read moreRead more

No Smoke or Mirrors Here!

Hey folks! From time to time I’m going to place some of my Instagram posts on the website.  Sometimes those posts turn out to be fairly blog-worthy.  In my opinion this is one of those times.  I hope you enjoy… I’d been sitting on this beer for a while.  Not because I didn’t want to…Read moreRead more

Parkside Motel

This little piece of pulp fiction was inspired by Parkside Brewery’s Parkside Motel IPA and originally appeared on Instagram, November 26, 2017 The younger cop was fairly bouncing with excitement. “Come on Shep,” he said to his older partner. “This time we have him! Dead to rights!” Shep wasn’t nearly as confident.  An anonymous tip?  How…Read moreRead more

Ticklin’ The Taps At Howe Sound Brewpub…

Howe Sound Brewpub hosted a Tap Takeover the other day and I would love to tell you about it if you’ve got a couple minutes to spare… For the uninitiated, a “Tap Takeover” takes place when a licensed establishment temporarily suspends the beer brands & styles they usually have on tap for someone else’s wares…Read moreRead more

Craftco Hop Episode 5

Just in case you weren’t aware of the bit on The Beer Rater’s website called Craftco Hop, let me provide some context:  Once or twice a month a bunch of beer-loving weirdos go on an adventure with a particular beer and document said adventure for mass consumption on  Each episode has a particular theme…Read moreRead more