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An audio version of my pre-existing blogs with adjuncts thrown into the episodic wort as I see fit.


S2SBG Episode 5

Hey folks and welcome to episode 5!  In this podcast I interview Andrew Sawyer, the Brewmaster for A-Frame Brewing Company.  It was a pretty free-ranging conversation that hit on all manner of topics and...


S2SBG Episode 4

Hey folks, Happy New Year!  Here’s a little list of the topics covered in this episode: Resolutions & Goals for S2SBG in 2018 What’s happenin’ in Sea to Sky Country: A-Frame Brewing Co., Back40...


S2SBG Episode 3

In this one I try and fit a round hole into a square peg.  The third blog installment of the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Trilogy is more photo-centric than most of my blogs, but...


S2SBG Episode 2

Welcome to Episode Two.  I promise it’s a little cleaner than episode one.  But also, a little dirtier?  No matter, here’s a brief break down of what you can expect: A introduction & review...


S2SBG Episode 1

An audio version of pre-existing posts?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Oh well, too late.  If you want to read along while you listen, the post for the pod is right here. ...