S2SBG Episode 5

Hey folks and welcome to episode 5!  In this podcast I interview Andrew Sawyer, the Brewmaster for A-Frame Brewing Company.  It was a pretty free-ranging conversation that hit on all manner of topics and some of them were even beer-related.  So sit back, pour yourself a pint, put your ear-buds on and have a listen. …Read moreRead more

S2SBG Episode 4

Hey folks, Happy New Year!  Here’s a little list of the topics covered in this episode: Resolutions & Goals for S2SBG in 2018 What’s happenin’ in Sea to Sky Country: A-Frame Brewing Co., Back40 Brewing, Pemberton Valley BeerWorks, Coast Mountain Brewing. The audio version of my blog on the Squamish Beer Festival and Brewers Dinner…Read moreRead more

S2SBG Episode 3

In this one I try and fit a round hole into a square peg.  The third blog installment of the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Trilogy is more photo-centric than most of my blogs, but I STILL try and make it somewhat enjoyable for the listener as a stand-alone audio file.  I may fail, but I…Read moreRead more

S2SBG Episode 2

Welcome to Episode Two.  I promise it’s a little cleaner than episode one.  But also, a little dirtier?  No matter, here’s a brief break down of what you can expect: A introduction & review of Craft Jerky, a new product by a new company out of Squamish Part II of my Vancouver Craft Beer Week…Read moreRead more

S2SBG Episode 1

An audio version of pre-existing posts?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Oh well, too late.  If you want to read along while you listen, the post for the pod is right here.  If you just want to relax and listen to the soothing sound of my ASMR voice, press the play button.  Go…Read moreRead more