Williams Lake Craft Beer Festival

A first, here at Sea to Sky Beer Guy: a guest post! It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to the Williams Lake Craft Beer Festival via the wonderful words and photos of one, Craig Davidiuk! Thanks so much, Craig, this fest’ looked fantastic! Small Festival Creating Environment For Big Changes In Brewing  Another…Read moreRead more

Power Out, Sour In

What do you do when the power goes out? Okay, not that.  I mean YES, of course that, go for it.  But what do you when the power goes out after you’ve made sweet love with the one you love?  You tell stories, that’s what! So whaddaya say?  You wanna hear a story? It involves…Read moreRead more

Loopholes in Exile…

The life of a beer writer is… …weird at best, hedonistically problematic at most.  Your subject is the drink, which, by its very nature, must be drunk.  And in this wildly rotating world we inhabit where words alone won’t do, photographic evidence of said drink must be provided.  ‘Tis not enough to simply put the…Read moreRead more

Squamish Beer Festival 2018

The Squamish Beer Festival was a spectacle now only visible in our rear view mirror.  And while objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, I fear it’s getting further away with each passing day.  But there is no melancholy here, the damned thing was far too fun to for sadness to seep in. …Read moreRead more

Ticklin’ The Taps At Howe Sound Brewpub…

Howe Sound Brewpub hosted a Tap Takeover the other day and I would love to tell you about it if you’ve got a couple minutes to spare… For the uninitiated, a “Tap Takeover” takes place when a licensed establishment temporarily suspends the beer brands & styles they usually have on tap for someone else’s wares…Read moreRead more

Sports Drink(ing)

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to wherever you are.  Today I’d like to write about sport drinking.  But perhaps the greater discussion is drinking in public and I’ll probably get there, so let’s get to it: Yes, drinking goes hand in hand with sporting but for now let’s set aside the passive version of…Read moreRead more

See Ya Later, Moustache!

Sometimes my head gets heavy with the weights of the world.  I wanted to write a nice, light, thank-you blog to the members of the A-Frame Brewing Co. team for their efforts this Movember.  I started out by listing the days of note in November and got locked in when I hit the 11th hour…Read moreRead more

A Vancouver Brewery Tour, Baby!

Last year, My Beautiful Wife and some friends surprised me for my birthday with a night out on the town.  The town in question was Vancouver and the friends were Emily & Craig (AKA the Maestro, from my Vancouver Craft Beer Week Blog).  A central part of that plan was for the fellas to go…Read moreRead more

Oh Tofino…

Tofino, oh Tofino.  What tales I could tell… Should I write of my roommate for the trip?  The one who’s snoring was so loud, Husqvarna’s Chainsaw division has him doing voice-over work?  Or what about the poor bastard who spent his last night in the bathtub, wailing like a Banshee and barfing like a firehose? …Read moreRead more

Remember, remember, the Mo’s of November…

Remember, remember, the Mo’s of November The Men’s Health season and plot: I know of no reason, why Men’s Health Season Should ever. Be. Forgot. There’s beer in here somewhere, folks, you just have to read a bit to get to it… The Movement A little under 15 years ago, two mates from Melbourne, Australia,…Read moreRead more