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There are a LOT of places where you can go to read beer reviews. Hell, I’ll probably link to a few of them myself once I get the old Blog Roll rollin’. So instead of an analytical review of a particular beer, I’m going to write about the experience. What was happening (in the wastelands of my mind or in the desert of the real) when I popped that particular cap. I mean, sure: I’ll tell you if I liked it or not. But beer is so damn subjective that, even if I had a competent, Cicerone-certified palate, your taste and experience of a certain beer could be vastly different. And we’d both be right! So if you’re looking for a clinical break down of beers, you won’t find it here. But if you want to pull up a stool and listen to this fool then give me your glass and let’s tear into that growler!

No Smoke or Mirrors Here!

Hey folks! From time to time I’m going to place some of my Instagram posts on the website.  Sometimes those posts turn out to be fairly blog-worthy.  In my opinion this is one of those times.  I hope you enjoy… I’d been sitting on this beer for a while.  Not because I didn’t want to…

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Parkside Motel

This little piece of pulp fiction was inspired by Parkside Brewery’s Parkside Motel IPA and originally appeared on Instagram, November 26, 2017 The younger cop was fairly bouncing with excitement. “Come on Shep,” he said to his older partner. “This time we have him! Dead to rights!” Shep wasn’t nearly as confident.  An anonymous tip?  How…

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Craftco Hop Episode 5

Just in case you weren’t aware of the bit on The Beer Rater’s website called Craftco Hop, let me provide some context:  Once or twice a month a bunch of beer-loving weirdos go on an adventure with a particular beer and document said adventure for mass consumption on  Each episode has a particular theme…

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