7 Year Itch: A Fiction

I don’t know why I brought the bottle of beer into the cafe, I don’t know why I do anything anymore. I mean, in my mind the concept made sense but these days the damned thing can’t be trusted.  Too often these days my mind drifts down dark pathways. Yesterday was my seven year wedding…Read moreRead more

It’s About Time…

Life’s quest for truth & compatibility ultimately comes down to time. Will this add or subtract from my overall experience and do I have the time to find out? It’s About Time, a double IPA collaboratively brewed by Twin Sails Brewing, Boombox Brewing and Backcountry Brewing and released to the drooling masses on Twin Sails’…Read moreRead more

In Search of Humanity…

The first week of a new year is a string of days, like any other. Or is it? Often used as a time of reflection, these days can hold power, elevating them above their brethren. For some, the “days of the new” stand outside of time, offering “truths” seldom seen during the fetch & carry…Read moreRead more

The Long Road to Utopia…

Utopia: an imagined place or state of perfection. In my Utopia each beached piece of driftwood holds a tale within it twist and a treasure at its core. Utopia, a Dry Hopped Peach Sour by Howe Sound Brewing Company.  This beautifully adorned beer was as delicious on the inside as out. An approachable tartness, like…Read moreRead more

Searching for Pablo…

This beauty of a BFF is about a NE IPA named Pablo Esco Gnar, the second coming of a collaboration between two of British Columbia’s best Bedouin breweries: Superflux Beer Company and Boombox Brewing Company. Hey Superflux!  Hey Boombox!  Did I ever tell you about the time I went on a Quixotic quest for Pablo…Read moreRead more

Take the Back Road, Expand Your Horizon

    Oftentimes it is the back road taking us where we need to go… The Marzen, by Backroads Brewing Company out of Nelson, BC.  So here’s my mea culpa, I’m on the record as saying that I don’t love lagers.  I know, I KNOW.  There’s an entire spectrum to lagers, of which the Marzen is…Read moreRead more

Best Beer of Summer, 2018

This beer was a contributing factor to winning the S2SBG Award for Best Beer of the Summer. Dazy, a Double Hazy IPA by Russell Brewing. You may ask yourself, how could a beer be only a “contributing factor” to winning a made-up award?  Best Beer of the Summer means this was the best beer of…Read moreRead more

Monita, a Blonde IPA by Andina Brewing Company

And now for your reading pleasure: the manuscript of a short vignette I’ve written inspired by Andina Brewing Company’s Blonde IPA named… Monita. “Oh Monita!  You scandal, you red-letter-lover! Are you the cause of my face’s flush? My heart’s blood-rush?” Of course she was. “But wait, what is this I see?” Our hero looks curiously…Read moreRead more

Zunga, A Golden Blonde Ale by Townsite Brewing

Hey, how’s your rope-swing game? Personally, it’s been awhile.  But I feel like, under the right circumstances, I could swing again. I’ve said in the past that styles such as lagers and light ales just aren’t my thing.  Though, to be fair to me, part of that disdain was born from the obscene amounts of…Read moreRead more

A is for A-Frame and B is for Beer…

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in a well-made wooden chair, lakeside in the late afternoon.  The slats of the Adirondack are warm, releasing the sun they absorbed into your chore-worn muscles.  There’s a light sloshing of water against dock.  But rather than distract, it provides a baseline, a starting point of sorts, for the…Read moreRead more