My name is Malcolm.

I’m a beer & writing enthusiast but not an expert in either.

Can I make these two great tastes taste great together?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but the gist of the jest is this:

I’m gonna write about people, places, and things that are both directly and tangentially related to beer.  In these writings there will be a slight slant towards the Sea to Sky Corridor.  This is only natural, being that it’s where I live and what I named the blog.  I hope you’ll find my writing style to be humorous, if a bit quirky, but engaging in a way that perhaps isn’t covered in the other beer blogs available to you.

It also might suck, like a blow-fish thru a blowhole.  But you won’t know this until you give it a try.

So how’s about you pop the cap off one of your favorite brewery’s bombers and let’s get into it, shall we?



I’m also available for freelance work.  Prices are negotiable, depending on the project.

Any and all inquiries & propositions can be made via email at seatoskybeerguy@gmail.com