In Search of Humanity…

The first week of a new year is a string of days, like any other.

Or is it?

Often used as a time of reflection, these days can hold power, elevating them above their brethren. For some, the “days of the new” stand outside of time, offering “truths” seldom seen during the fetch & carry of regular life. For others, the contemplation is only cursory: reinforcing what they knew already.  Or what they thought they knew.  After all, when you see through a glass darkly, what do you really see?

Most of us fall into one camp or another, but for a precious few the mirror shows a stark, naked truth.  And what if that truth was a lie?

Humans, an IPA for the People by Parkside Brewery

Following only a feeling, he traveled along a path unseen by modern map yet clear as crystal underfoot.  Along the way, others joined the path, falling into step.  They were strangers, whose only common bond was a feeling something wasn’t right on a scale they could no longer ignore.  This wasn’t, “did I leave the oven on?” or “does she really love me?”  Nothing so pedestrian.  This was a sense, in the centre of their souls, more akin to, “I am not who they think I am.”

And even worse: “I am not who I think I am.”

And so they walked, purposefully, towards a truth they sensed but could not see, wearing foreboding like an ice-water cloak across their skin. Truth is fickle and truth is funny; exposing itself in ways both wicked and weird.  Today truth came in a can of beer, a cylindrical monolith no man alone could master or muster.  None of THESE men, that is.

“We are not,” said the first man.  “Human.”

They were not.  And for a long time the truth held them in a state both of wonder and despair. But they were people.  And so, as a people, they persevered, knowing only that they must.  And the IPA for the People became their lodestone, their talisman, showing them the way.  And their burden (which was their salvation) was made ever so much lighter once they cracked open the truth.

Happy New Year, everybody!


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