Searching for Pablo…

This beauty of a BFF is about a NE IPA named Pablo Esco Gnar, the second coming of a collaboration between two of British Columbia’s best Bedouin breweries: Superflux Beer Company and Boombox Brewing Company.

Hey Superflux!  Hey Boombox!  Did I ever tell you about the time I went on a Quixotic quest for Pablo on the far away Island of O’ahu?

It was back in mid-march and tensions were high.  Pablo Escognar, one of BC’s most notorious west coast collaborations, had just been released and beer nerds everywhere were clamouring for cans.  By reputation alone, this outlandish outlaw was on everyone’s mind last spring.  And everyone’s lips.

In a fit of self-preservation Pablo fled the country, leaving but one clue as to the destination of his expatriation.  It was an ever-vigilant airport security guard who spied a splash of Pablo’s flamboyance: a swatch of bright pink, a dash of yellow on black.  But alas, it was too late to act: Mr. Escognar dodged  international incident by ducking back into the duffle bag just as the baggage handlers fed him into the belly of the Boeing.

As it happens, I was destined to board that very same plane using my secret identity: mild-mannered Malcolm Yates.  The security guard was well and truly switched-on and saw right through my thin disguise (perhaps noting the S2SBG badge upon my ballcap). He beckoned me forward with his metal-divining rod.  As his wand waxed, waned and remained (a tad too long for my tastes) around my hips and waist, the guard whispered breathily into my ear, “The Gnar is near.”  Ending our encounter, the guard gave me a “good-game-get-going” pat on the rump and I was ushered onto the plane.

Unsure what to do with this weirdly acquired knowledge, I tried to push the mythic beer to the back of my brain.  As if I could so easily dismiss so monumental a message. The Gnar is near. Sure enough, we landed and Pablo’s presence became hard to ignore.

The audacity, Pablo!  Having a hired man pick you up from the airport?  Such confidence, such brash behavior, even for a beer of your stature!

I apologize for the poor picture quality, but looking into his eyes, it seemed this man might also serve Pablo in ways other than driving. I quickly snapped the pic’ and got the hell outta there.

I searched every beach and craft beer bar on the island and was about to give up hope when, on a whim, I looked outward to the ocean.  There amongst the sparkle & shine of sun on water, a familiar iridescence was also at play.  But it could not be.  Indeed, it was!  Like a punk-rock dolphin Pablo breached and belly-flopped back beneath the surface.  Donning my mask and snorkel I flippered furiously to the reef for one last grasp at greatness.  To my eternal ecstasy I found Pablo floundering alongside the coral.  Waiting for me.

Well played, Pablo Escognar!  You were hard to procure (for a Sea to Sky Guy) but well worth it in the end.  Mayhaps our paths will cross again…

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