Best Beer of Summer, 2018

This beer was a contributing factor to winning the S2SBG Award for Best Beer of the Summer.

Dazy, a Double Hazy IPA by Russell Brewing.

You may ask yourself, how could a beer be only a “contributing factor” to winning a made-up award?  Best Beer of the Summer means this was the best beer of the summer, right?  Yes and no.  Don’t get me wrong, the Dazy is a delicious DIPA.  And if that were not the case, this post might’ve taken a dramatic turn…

A couple weeks ago I had an opportunity to sit and share a beer and a moment with a good friend of mine as we watched the sun tear asunder a cloud of thunder.  We sat with our Canadian Tire camp-chairs half-submerged in the river with but one beer left between us.  Thankfully, it was a doozy: the Dazy.

The wives and children had packed up and trekked back to the cabin, leaving us Folding-chair Philosophers to ponder life and pass the pint.  Not all was right with the world but the powers of Good were getting the upper hand.  We’d watched as helicopters & water-bombers poured bucket after bucket on a local upstart, which sparked-up earlier in the day due to a lightning strike.  Thankfully the quick and thorough efforts of BC’s Forest Fire Services knocked the damned thing down before Hellfire could take hold.

And when the Sun flexed its muscle, and broke up the remaining storm clouds?  Brothers & Sisters it was a sight to see.

Best beer of the summer.


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