Monita, a Blonde IPA by Andina Brewing Company

And now for your reading pleasure: the manuscript of a short vignette I’ve written inspired by Andina Brewing Company’s Blonde IPA named…


“Oh Monita!  You scandal, you red-letter-lover!

Are you the cause of my face’s flush?

My heart’s blood-rush?”

Of course she was.

“But wait, what is this I see?”

Our hero looks curiously at the glass…

“Fair Monita, you are perspiring as well!  If we allow this mutual attraction its current course, will we not both burn in the in the generated heat?”

Of course they would.

“I care not!  Come to me, Monita.  Let me place my lips upon you with a passion only poets and rogues may define!”

And the man did drink.  Deeply.  And it was good.

“Monita my love, how is it that your offerings allay my hot, hot, heat?  Are you the Yin to my burning Yang?  The Moon to my scorching Sun?”

But she answered not, for in his intemperate state he’d consumed her fully, to his folly.

“Come back, my love!  My Monita!  You are the quench to my eternal thirst!  I am naught without you and will not suffer the earth’s mirthless-

wait a second…”

Our hero heads to the earthen cellar where liquid love is sometimes stored.

“It’s all good, y’all!  I’ve got five more Mo’s in the Fridge!”


Drink deep and love large, people. S2SBG

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