Zunga, A Golden Blonde Ale by Townsite Brewing

Hey, how’s your rope-swing game?
Personally, it’s been awhile.  But I feel like, under the right circumstances, I could swing again.
I’ve said in the past that styles such as lagers and light ales just aren’t my thing.  Though, to be fair to me, part of that disdain was born from the obscene amounts of macro lager and light ale I’d consumed in a previous life.  And like any decent born-again (Christian, Muslim, Pastafarian, whatever) I wanted to put as many miles between New Me and Old Me as possible.  No lagers.  No light ales.
Of course, when you offer up absolutes like that to the heavens, Heaven’s inhabitants are apt to shit it right back atcha: right in the face.  That’s what happened to me with this beer.  According to Mirella Amato’s great book, “Beerology”, Golden Ales (and Blonde Ales belong in this style’s subset) are designed to be crisp and refreshing with generally a little more complexity than their Lager counterparts.
Not only was Townsite Brewing’s Zunga crisp and refreshing, the damned thing was CRAFT and refreshing!  Zunga just tastes like a good, gods-be-damned beer.  And the whole heavens shitting on my face thing was due to the realization that, not only was this beer pleasing to my palate, it was more pleasing to me than a lot of the beer styles (I’m looking at you, pale ale) whose bullets line my belt loop.  And so I need to make room in the ol’ gun belt for beer such as Townsite’s Zunga and that makes me feel good.  ‘Cuz it feels good to evolve, right?  Less like a four-year old during a growth spurt and more like an enlightened human being, finding themselves a little further down the path.
Thanks, Townsite!  Please keep doing the Lord’s work.  Or Allah’s.  Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s.  Whichever deity swings your rope!

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