A is for A-Frame and B is for Beer…

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself sitting in a well-made wooden chair, lakeside in the late afternoon.  The slats of the Adirondack are warm, releasing the sun they absorbed into your chore-worn muscles.  There’s a light sloshing of water against dock.  But rather than distract, it provides a baseline, a starting point of sorts, for the exquisite concert soon to come.  Mother Nature, in addition to being an accomplished visual artist, is a concerto composer of world-renown. She works in bombast (when required) but also in subtlety.  And for tonight’s show we have the latter.

Cue the crickets, please.  Can I have some wind, please?  A light wind whistling thru the reeds?  Yes, that’s perfect.

The loons will soon debut and their haunting song will steal your soul.  But for now, let there just be the crickets, the wind instruments and the imperfect metronome of the lake lapping the shore; ironing out the wrinkles the day made.

White Lake Wit, by A-Frame Brewing Company

A “Squamish take on a Belgian classic,” this beer was the perfect finishing move to a day filled with toil and gave compliment to the one task yet to tackle.  Rather than forcing flavour upon my palate, the White Lake Wit also works in subtlety.  If you open your tongue to the possibility, orange peel and coriander appear.  And so they did and so I did drink, whilst telling all who would listen a bedtime story, of sorts, on Tuesday last.

I’ve been doing readings, live on Instagram, once a week for the last two weeks.  They’re fun, I like them.  I get to drink a good beer and tell a good tale to any who would listen.  I’m going to do it every Tuesday until the damn thing is done.

B is for Beer, by Tom Robbins.  I enjoyed this quirkily subversive, genre-flexing tome and so I thought I would share.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the first part, I’ve put it on my IGTV Channel.  I’ve done likewise with Part’s two and three.  If none of that bedtime bologna sandwich interests you in the least, let me just leave you with this:

The White Lake Wit is a refreshing dip.  Find this beer and come on in, the water’s warm.



This post appeared in its original form on Instagram, Tuesday July 3rd.  The words have been changed to protect the innocent.  No they haven’t.  Well maybe some of them.

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