B is for Books, Beer and Bloomer

B is for Beer but also for Bloomer.

Late Bloomer, a Cherry Sour by Parallel 49 Brewing Company.  I picked up three of the four barrel aged offerings from P49 a month ago and this was my first foray into the series.

I was about to do a live read on Instagram (a bedtime story of sorts) whereby I read a chapter or two of Tom Robbins’ book, “B is for Beer” and opened my fridge for inspiration.  There she was, a beauty bathing in a sea of beauties.  The understated yet elegant lines of her label called to me and I listened as she whispered, “I’m aged in French Oak.”  A decision was made.

I turned on the camera and began my bleating: blathering-on as friends and followers coalesced to listen.  Before starting Tom Robbins’ tale I stalled for time.  To delay the gratification?  Perhaps.  More likely to forestall the fall.  And all the while I slowly unwound the cage keeping cork bound to bottle…

Finally free of its prison, I twisted the stopper just enough to prepare both it and I for the release.  As abruptly as two young lovers, unused to each other’s timing, the cork popped and so did my cherry.  Naramata cherry, to be precise.  I poured the tart elixir into a chalice well-suited to the task at hand then began the ritual: a sniff to prime the olfactory, a sip to line the palate and a lift of my head to the heavens, in silent praise to the gods of good drink.

The beer was sublime and I’m certain it calmed my nerves (and indeed, my soul) as I began my recitation.

Thanks Parallel 49, I’m looking forward to more of your barrel aged offerings.


Post Script: I started this weird, reading roller coaster, so I guess I’m gonna finish it.  Every Tuesday night until Tom Robbins’ tale is fully told, I will read a chapter or two Live on Instagram.  Shortly thereafter, a less ethereal copy will live on IGTV.  I may even revive the podcast and place it on there for your listening pleasure.  At least, that is, until I get the Cease & Desist from Mr. Robbins’ lawyers…

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