Craftco Hop Episode 5

Just in case you weren’t aware of the bit on The Beer Rater’s website called Craftco Hop, let me provide some context:  Once or twice a month a bunch of beer-loving weirdos go on an adventure with a particular beer and document said adventure for mass consumption on  Each episode has a particular theme that usually riffs off the name or style of the beer in question and this one goes a little something like this:  What food would pair well with Red Racer’s Lime Margarita Gose?  The results are light-hearted and fun and the photos are usually accompanied with a paragraph describing the thought process.  Those of you who’ve read my stuff before know that I have a VERY hard time being brief.  I choose verbosity over brevity 9 times out of 8.  Well this time I plum went too far!  So Mike (The Beer Rater) plucked the cogent paragraph from my masters dissertation for his site and suggested I post the original on my own damn site.  As usual, he was right.  I’ll stop power-puking words now and just let you read the long form of what was meant to be a tongue-in-cheeky little description of a good beer with an appropriate food pairing.  

Red Racer’s Lime Margarita Gose


What food would I pair with this boundary-bending beer by Red Racer?  Hmmm… let me see.

Well first of all, what the heck, Central City?  Have you no regard for keeping countries and cultures isolated from each other?  No?  Me neither.

We are all of us one people and need to get along better.  The first step is to break some bread, bust out a bottle or two and tear down the walls our minds make when confronted with something different.  So if a Canadian brewery wants to make a German style beer and infuse it with some Mexican flare, I’m all the way in!  Unless it’s a case of too many flags in the fermenter and the beer comes out all hazed & confused.  Fortunately for world peace, this beer was delicious and it’s all I can do to not say something silly and derivative like,

With this beer let’sMake A-margarita Great Again!’

Fortunately, I have better taste than that.  Speaking of taste let’s get back to the beer.  

Consult your local cicerone for a more in-depth definition but a good Gose has a good dose of salt in its profile.  Not unlike the stuff lining your margarita glass.  To complete the margarita theme, lime juice and a pequeño tequila came out to play and forced me to don a toque, poncho & lederhosen in that classic, GerMexiCanadian way.  But what food to pair it with?

Well, I’m one of those rare word nerds who loves language but quite often gets it wrong.  When I first saw Gose I pronounced it as one would hose or nose. I’ve since learned that the mo’better pronunciation of Gose is ‘go-suh’.  But my teeny brain needs help assimilating new stuff so I constantly look for tricks to help me along. And so, what food goes best with Go-suh?  That most munchable of Indian lunchables, the Samosa! 

I mean come on: a Go-suh with Samosa?  It rolls right off the tongue!  And now we’ve invited yet another country and culture to the table.  Well done, Central City; you’re solving the world’s problems one pint at a time!

Afterthought:  You know what does NOT go well with a Lime Margarita Gose and a spicy samosa?  Pounding back a bottle of Patron beforehand. Siesta’s are cool and all, but it’s nice to pass out after dinner not before!

Well, there you have it, folks!  Was it worth it?  Is anything?  Yes and yes.  So generally what happens after Mike posts a Craftco Hop episode on his website is, he’ll then post the pictures and descriptions on his instagram feed for people to vote for their favourite in the comments.  You can do this if you like.  You can also go and seek out this beer (which was delicious!) and pair it with whatever food you think is appropriate and call it a night.  You can also go suck an egg if you like.  I just don’t understand why anyone would do such a thing: it’s not how eggs work. 


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