S2SBG Episode 5

Hey folks and welcome to episode 5!  In this podcast I interview Andrew Sawyer, the Brewmaster for A-Frame Brewing Company.  It was a pretty free-ranging conversation that hit on all manner of topics and some of them were even beer-related.  So sit back, pour yourself a pint, put your ear-buds on and have a listen.  Thanks again, Andrew!

A trio of heavy hitters went down during the interview, highlighted against the back splash that inspired Andrew’s metaphor for the craft beer community!


A post-interview reach around…


In the podcast we wax a bit on skateboarding. The deck in question is a beautiful rendering of Antihero’s eagle logo by the original artist, Todd Francis. Come see Mike at Stuntwood Skateshop in Squamish to check’em out and let the good times roll…



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