A Vancouver Brewery Tour, Baby!

Last year, My Beautiful Wife and some friends surprised me for my birthday with a night out on the town.  The town in question was Vancouver and the friends were Emily & Craig (AKA the Maestro, from my Vancouver Craft Beer Week Blog).  A central part of that plan was for the fellas to go…Read moreRead more

S2SBG Episode 3

In this one I try and fit a round hole into a square peg.  The third blog installment of the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Trilogy is more photo-centric than most of my blogs, but I STILL try and make it somewhat enjoyable for the listener as a stand-alone audio file.  I may fail, but I…Read moreRead more

Oh Tofino…

Tofino, oh Tofino.  What tales I could tell… Should I write of my roommate for the trip?  The one who’s snoring was so loud, Husqvarna’s Chainsaw division has him doing voice-over work?  Or what about the poor bastard who spent his last night in the bathtub, wailing like a Banshee and barfing like a firehose? …Read moreRead more

Remember, remember, the Mo’s of November…

Remember, remember, the Mo’s of November The Men’s Health season and plot: I know of no reason, why Men’s Health Season Should ever. Be. Forgot. There’s beer in here somewhere, folks, you just have to read a bit to get to it… The Movement A little under 15 years ago, two mates from Melbourne, Australia,…Read moreRead more