S2SBG Episode 2

Welcome to Episode Two.  I promise it’s a little cleaner than episode one.  But also, a little dirtier?  No matter, here’s a brief break down of what you can expect:

A introduction & review of Craft Jerky, a new product by a new company out of Squamish

Part II of my Vancouver Craft Beer Week Trilogy.  If you want to read the blog as well you can find it here.  And you can find VCBW Part I here or listen to it here.

The Kick-off of A-Frame Brewing’s Movember campaign.

That’s it.  I hope you like it.  As usual, you can leave comments here or get ahold of me thru seatoskybeerguy@gmail.com.  I read everything I’m given but I can’t promise I post it all.

Thanks for listening!






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