Good-bye Gord.

I was supposed to write about the amazing Sea to Sky collaboration beer today.  Instead, I woke up and heard the news and haven’t been able to do much more than mope.
Please forgive this cathartic bit of self-indulgence:
 The pendulum swings thrice and knows no mercy.
First: the announcement of the tumour.
Second: the final show in Kingston. Every last note.
The final fall of the wrecking-ball crushed me under its weight, with no air left to breathe.
There are worse things than the passing of a Poet, I suppose.
Tragedy and atrocity to tear your soul.
But today it is Gord Downie’s death that has sticked my spokes,
And I cannot move.
His metronome was set to an uncommon cadence.
His own, personal pendulum swung at such odd angles as to both jar and challenge the mind.
And that is why he meant so much to me.
I couldn’t write about beer today because this was stuck in my throat.
Perhaps now that it’s out, I can.
At any rate, the next time you see me or peruse this page I’ll be laughing and joking because…that’s my way.
And on this note I’ve nothing left to say.
Good-bye Gord.  And thank you.

Photo by Chad Hipolito, Canadian Press

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  1. Jill says:

    Well said Brother

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