Happy Canada Day!

Hey y’all!

I know that may sound like an american-style salutation but, you know what?  It’s friendly and unpretentious and I dig it.

On this most glorious of Canada Day long weekends I was fully prepared to take a cross-country trip with Red Racer’s, “Across the Nation Collaboration”; whereby they hooked up with Breweries from every province and territory (except Nunavut ‘cuz they were having none of it) and made some beer.

First of all, what a fantastic concept!  Kudos to you, Red Racer and crew.  I’ll bet the project was fraught with logistical problems and issues and such that only an endeavor of this size and scope could contain.  The fact that you got it done, got it into liquor stores and got it into our hot little hands is awesome and for that alone you should be congratulated.

So how does it taste?  I don’t know.  I only made it to Newfoundland.

If I EVER get out that far East to visit my buddy Barton, I will DEFINITELY check you out, Quidi Vidi Brewery!

Sounds silly.  Newfoundland is pretty darn far.  Some would say it’s the easternmost province we’ve got, and them that wouldn’t say that probably haven’t googled a map in a while.  I wanted to fly over this great nation and drink my way west, landing, at last, with a BC brewery to slake my Canadian thirst and complete the journey.


Yesterday was my friend Brandon’s birthday, and man oh MAN were they pulling out all the stops!  This was a backyard BBQ of serious proportions: I’m talking a DJ booth on top of an old jalopy, a pig slow-rolling on a spit, a dance floor for people young and old to truly get their groove on, and…a kegerator with not one, not two but three keg options to tap!  And the brewery of origin?  Squamish’s own Backcountry Brewing, Baby!  I’m sorry, Red Racer, but fresh from the keg beats the bottle in the box six ways from Sunday and that was how the night went down.

Okay, well what about today?  Today is actually July first, after all.  You’ve got eleven delicious beer left to complete your cross-country quest.  Nope.  We’re celebrating the Nation’s birthday alongside the mighty Squamish River and, even though these beauty bottles are made from sand, it’s pretty uncool to drink from one while frolicking on the other.  So cans of cool beer it is: sorry once again, Red Racer.

So, like a cowardly soldier, I’m abandoning my post (this post) without really commenting on the contents of this this kick-ass case of beer.  What I will do though, is drink them in the manner they were intended: unassumingly and in the company of friends.  Maybe at that time we’ll talk of their taste or perhaps, instead, we’ll laugh and bullshit and talk about nothing and everything else at the same time.

This is probably a good case of beer and it is certainly a great idea.  You know what another great idea is?  Donning a Team Canada Jersey, putting on some ‘Hip, cracking a couple crafties with friends and family and just being thankful that providence and fate have found us in this place.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!


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2 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    Thank you for drinking responsibly (no glass at the river)
    Cheers beer guy!

    • Sea to Sky Beer Guy says:

      …said in the Ace Ventura, Pet Detective voice: You’ve GOT to, Mister!”
      Don’t want the kidlets stepping on glass left by shitty river revelers. Happy Canada Day my man!

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