The Beer from Nowhere Near Here…

I work in Whistler,  and there are a fair few Australians who also work and reside in that resort town.  A few of the fair few are friends of mine and some of that squad are dear friends.  In that ever contracting Venn diagram of Lads and Ladies, a man named Rob resides.  Recently, Rob…Read moreRead more

Squamish Beer Fest

Squamish, you magnificent bastard! You hosted one hell of a show last week and really rocked it from stem to stern.  The “show” of which I speak was the Squamish Beer Festival, held on the grounds of O’Siyam Pavillion and preceded by a Brewer’s Dinner up the Sea to Sky Gondola the night before.  I…Read moreRead more

Beer and Cake in Vermont: The Consumption

Welcome back, my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend! Come inside! Come inside! An admittedly odd start to this post and one that certainly warrants debate.  Most shows should end, at least before they “jump the shark” and some shows should’ve been given a fighting chance before Fox…Read moreRead more

Happy Canada Day!

Hey y’all! I know that may sound like an american-style salutation but, you know what?  It’s friendly and unpretentious and I dig it. On this most glorious of Canada Day long weekends I was fully prepared to take a cross-country trip with Red Racer’s, “Across the Nation Collaboration”; whereby they hooked up with Breweries from…Read moreRead more