Dark Side of the Moose, a coffee milk stout by Backcountry Brewing

Well Sir, this beer just threw off my already wrecked schedule and let me tell you why…

So here I am, a fledgling blogger, trying to break into the BC Beer scene with some cogent, but fanciful word-play pertaining to pints and right out of the gate I’m firing on all cylinders: putting out posts once or twice a week.  And right after the gate comes a home renovation from Heck that’s torn my world asunder.  I mean, this thing is a beast; we’re talking kitchen, bathroom, flooring, the whole rancid burrito.  So CLEARLY that makes it hard to write with any regularity.  I mean, seriously: get up, caffeinate, pontificate, pound the keyboard a bit then hop into your haz-mat suit, don ye olde respirator and rock around in the attic, re-arranging electrical circuits while shards of once dormant now airborne fiberglass from insulation bats, embed themselves in your retinas.  My eyes are so red and raw that it looks like I’ve been chain-smoking cush while watching Marley & Me on loop for days without end.  The plus side (other than having a livable to lovable space that MBW can work with) is that at the end of each day, I am DYING for a beer.

I’m just too tired to write about it.

So now the posts are coming in at maybe once a week and maybe they are actually weak (I don’t know if I’m putting as much juice into my writing as the brewers are putting into their NE IPA’s, but hopefully it’s enough to snag some readers).  But I don’t want this site to sputter out before it even gets up to speed so I’m trying, Jesus Jones am I trying.  I’ve got a schedule of what I wanna write about and this week it was supposed to be part two of the Beer and Cake in Vermont post where I actually taste the Herdy Terper (thanks, @fourbrewers, now I can’t say Heady Topper without the Swedish Chef voice!) and Sip of Sunshine and tell y’all how it’s pretty good, but maybe I’m not worthy, and that’s okay, too.  Then my neighbour’s gift me a growler full of Backcountry Brewing’s latest offering, the Dark Side of the Moose, and my schedule gets thrown into the pile of drywall and sawdust that occupies my living room.

The beer that caused all the ruckus…

The Dark Side of the Moose is a coffee milk stout that is made with Proud Mary coffee provided by 1914 Coffee Company, a cute as heck craft cafe right here in Squamish.  This beer tastes like an iced coffee!  But all stouty at the same time.  And smooth, my WORD is it smooth!  So a part of the smoothness is from the lactose, I suppose, hence the ‘Milk’ in the beer’s moniker.  Speaking of monikers, where did the name come from?  Dark Side of the Moose?  Well, I’d say there’s a not so subtle nod to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and this beer is darker than dark, but what about the moose?  Well for that, I had to leave my  three quarters full growler behind and bike down to the brewery for a closer look.  Sure enough, there is a bloody moose head gracing the far wall separating the tasting room from the brewery.

I mean, just look at that menacing monster!  Like the prism on ‘Floyd’s album cover, except instead of separating white light into a spectrum the Moose absorbs all light and spits out spooky shadows.  I didn’t want to get too close to the damned thing; partly because there was a full table of beer enthusiasts underneath but mostly, I didn’t want this Dark Lord of the Forest to swallow me whole.  Look at the shadow it casts for gosh sakes!

Okay, enough with the nightmare, let’s get back to the beer.  Did I mention that it’s on Nitro?  Obviously contributing to the beer’s aforementioned smoothness is the fact that Nitrogen gas is working its magic instead of the more traditional carbon dioxide.  Damn does nitro lend itself to stouts!  Especially milk stouts and even more especially, coffee milk stouts.  The creamy mouthfeel in this beer is unmatched and the nitro is one part of the many that makes the Dark Side’ so damn delightful.

So what’s the verdict?  Obviously you should drop what you’re doing (as I did) and get your ass over to Backcountry Brewing to try this beauty for yourself.

And try not to mind the Moose…


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