The Surveyor IPA by Coast Mountain Brewing

Happy Father’s Day, folks!

I had this whole jag I was gonna go on where I riffed about Fathers and how some were lucky and still had them in their lives, while others had come and gone, and still others had only cum and gone (blue wordplay in the second sentence?  Yikes.)  But then I thought: people’s feelings for their Father’s (or lack thereof) are pretty personal and I didn’t want to stir the Pot of Emotion for fear of that fucker boiling over.

So I will direct my praise to just four Fathers (forefathers?) and if anyone get’s upset they can lick the spoon, afterwards.

Okay, Happy Father’s Day to Father Time, Father Christmas, The All Father…



…and to my Father, the Sea to Sky Beer Dad!

SeaToSkyBeerDad with his faithful steed, the GetouttaDodge Mobile.

My Dad’s a real SOB and he holds that handle with pride (as witnessed on the back of his motorcycle).  Oh, wait.  You thought he was a Son Of a Bitch?  No-no.  Weird that you would jump to that conclusion, though.  No, my Dad is a member of Surveyors On Bikes, a motley crew of Surveyors that cruise around on their ‘Hogs and, well…I think that’s it.  S2SBD is a retired surveyor, having plied his trade and measured and marked all over this fair land we call Canada.  Whether it was up in the Arctic in a boat bound for Baffin or down in the muddy trenches with a transit, taking aim at level whilst the mosquitoes took aim on him.  Surveyors were the unsung heroes that heralded the coming of the new age, marking and mapping their way into the future.  If you come across a surveyor in general or the Surveyor General or my Dad in particular, you should give them a big ol’ bear hug and say something nice like, “I guess with the advent and proliferation of GPS your job is pretty much a cake-walk now, eh?”

Speaking of surveyors, S2SBD and I had the opportunity to crack open a couple of Coast Mountain Brewing’s, The Surveyor IPA.  Man were those good!  As you may have noticed from my previous BFFs, I’m a huge proponent of the beer drinking experience rather than the intricacies of the beer itself.  You can be drinking a pretty shitty beer and still have a blast provided you’re with the right people.  Having said that, why would you do that to yourself?

Me: Dad, turn the can so I can get the label in the shot. S2SBD: How’s about you take your pretty picture so I can actually drink this? Dad’s spokes-modelling career is over before it began…

Good beer is better than shitty beer and good beer is readily available, especially if you turn left at the first set of lights on your way into Whistler.  This is not an easy turn for me to make, unfortunately.  Even though I work in Whistler, I’m in a commuter to and from Squamish and detours are frowned upon.  So when I do get to the opportunity to go to Coast Mountain I take full advantage.  On this particular trip I picked up 8 cans of  The Surveyor, a growler full of Sunny Daze and a growlito full of the Sunbreak Saison: it was a good day.

But back to The Surveyor: the beer not the man.  This is a great beer.  It’s a West Coast IPA, and full of the bitterness and bite-r-ness that got you into IPAs in the first place.  If North-Eastern IPAs are your jam then Coast Mountain’s got you covered on that front as well, but the Surveyor?  I would say it’s their flagship beer but I fear that word is getting used a lot, so how ’bout this:  It’s the Transit on Top of the Tripod!  There ya go, Dad, a surveyor joke (as if such a thing exists!) to finish’er off.

Go get your Pop-Pop a four-pack of The Surveyor from Coast Mountain and you’ll have a pretty grateful guy on you hands.  And here’s a dirty little secret: when you give someone beer as a gift  you just KNOW some of them are coming back your way!


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