Dark Side of the Moose, a coffee milk stout by Backcountry Brewing

Well Sir, this beer just threw off my already wrecked schedule and let me tell you why… So here I am, a fledgling blogger, trying to break into the BC Beer scene with some cogent, but fanciful word-play pertaining to pints and right out of the gate I’m firing on all cylinders: putting out posts…Read moreRead more

The Surveyor IPA by Coast Mountain Brewing

Happy Father’s Day, folks! I had this whole jag I was gonna go on where I riffed about Fathers and how some were lucky and still had them in their lives, while others had come and gone, and still others had only cum and gone (blue wordplay in the second sentence?  Yikes.)  But then I…Read moreRead more

Beer and Cake in Vermont: The Procurement

So a friend of mine just got back from Australia and brought me back a bushel* of brews to try.  And now another friend has returned from Vermont with a some tall-cans full of joy for my drinking pleasure.  This Beer Blogging thing is really working out.  The liquid Thunders from Down Unders deserve their…Read moreRead more

On Vancouver Craft Beer Week and the Festival Itself…

Well folks, here we are: the Big Show.  Vancouver Craft Beer Week had some amazing events at some amazing locales showcasing some amazing beers, but the Festival itself is the jewel on the crown of the poncy Prince that everyone has their eyes on. ‘Cuz everyone wants the jewel.  ‘Cuz the Prince is, you know,…Read moreRead more