Scout, a Rye IPA by Deep Cove

Scout Rye IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

The Scout Rye IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers resonates on a couple different levels for a couple different reasons.  First of all, I was a scout.  I was a Beaver then I was a Cub then I was a Scout then I was Out.  Gazing into the dark brown bottle before me, I’m forced to look back at the time spent under Lord Baden Powell’s programs: a pretty decent experience for a kid.  I mean, come on: camping, wilderness survival, tying knots?  That shit’s legit!  And the badges by the Gods, the badges!  My red sash was FULL of those little patches of pride (but not as full as some.  Damn you and your tradecraft, Kyle!)

A reasonable facsimile of my childhood nemesis.


But back to the beer and the second reason it resonates…

I like Rye.  Not the stand-alone grain, per se (only now am I getting a feel for it in my beer) but in the form I first found it: as a Spirit and more specifically, a Canadian Spirit.  I do love me some whisky!  And when I first started down that little gopher hole I encountered quite a lot of snobbery and disdain for CanCon in the whisky department.

“It’s not Scotch,” they would serve.

“Ya, no shit.  It’s not made in Scotland,” I would return.

“So it’s not whisky, it’s just rye” they would volley.

“What’s in a name, motherfucker?” I would backhand smash.  “Most of the whisky we call “Rye” doesn’t even have rye in it.  Back in the day,  Canadian distillers started adding a bit of rye to the predominately wheat-based spirit to spice it up a bit and damned if the name didn’t get ingrained (tee-hee, inGRAINed) into our lexicon to the point where many a Canuck grabs any old bottle of CC or Crown and calls it ‘Rye’.

At that point, the person I was playing with usually walks off the court, leaving me to wonder why I keep playing tennis with a bottle of Alberta Premium in my hand.

A 30 year old bottle of Canadian Whisky? Ya, that’s right. Suck it, Scotland.

Okay, so right out of the gate Deep Cove’s Scout Rye IPA stirs up emotions, but how does it taste?  Pretty darned good, I would say.  There’s a bit of spice there, so that’s the Rye, I suppose.  It’s not overwhelmingly spicy, which is good, but maybe I’ll need to try some other Rye IPA’s to get a sense of the style.  The smell isn’t particularly fruity, it’s more…woodsy?  I don’t know, pine pitch?  Ya, pine pitch, but in a good way.  The tasting notes on the bottle say “Juicy and Bold” and I definitely agree with the “Bold” part.  I’ve been drinking a lot of NE IPA’s lately, so it’s nice to get back to an IPA with some bite to it (82 IBU’s worth!)  This beer is good.  I wouldn’t take it with me on the Baden Powell hiking trail it was named after, but when the hike is done and I’m sitting on the patio telling tall tales about how I beat back the bear?  I would definitely drink deeply of this elixir whilst washing down my burger and lies.

Today my Sea to Sky extends all the way down to Deep Cove, and it’s well worth the trek…


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