A funny thing happened on the way to democracy…

May 9th, 2017

Instead of casting our vote into the ocean on any of BC’s advanced voting days, MBW and I decided to brave the democratic wave after work on the night of, so as to get caught in the flotsam and jetsam of Squamish’s democratic inhabitants and really press the flesh, as it were.   So we’re pressin’ and gabbin’, and slowly making our way towards Voting Station #25 when a neighbour jokingly jumps the queue and gets there first.  We didn’t mind, the kids were in tow and hadn’t turned into shrieking, snot-goblins yet so all was well.  Well the joke was on our neighbour, Ryan, as he didn’t have his current address on the driver’s license he produced as Proof of Life: he was being politely denied his ability to vote.

“Do you have anyone here that can vouch for you, sir?” said the lovely lady who was volunteering at Voting Box #25.

Ryan turned sheepishly around, met my grin with the appropriate amount of embarrassment and raised his eyebrows pleadingly.

“I would love to vouch for this fine, upstanding citizen.” I said with a gravitas that brooked no objection.

There were swearings (the official kind, not the offensive kind) and signatures and solemn looks, et cetera, but the democratic process was served and everybody got to vote, regardless of their displayed address.

May 11th, 2017

I’m walking the SeaToSkyBeerDog down the road in the pouring rain (as per usual) and we pass the street my aforementioned neighbour, Ryan, resides on.  He spied us from his front window, disappeared for a moment, then ran out his front door towards us: sans shoes, sans jacket (some would say, “sans sense”) but brandishing a beautiful green bottle.

“Thanks, neighbour!” Ryan said as he thrust the Steam Whistle into my hands.

“That’s not necessary, man!”  I also think it’s illegal, if you were to read the rules and regulations for voting and compensation, but really?  It’s a bloody beer, BC Government, come at me, Bro!

Ryan shrugged off my toothless protestation with a,  “Hey, it’s the least I could do.  Thanks again!”  And with that, my bare-footed friend made his way back home.

As SeaToSkyBeerDog and I continued on our wet way, I reflected on the unintended benefits of being a halfway decent neighbour*.

The moral?  Build Friendships instead of Fences and beer can figure in your future.


*I say, “half-way decent” cuz SeaToSkyBeerDog dookied on Ryan’s lawn while we were talking and I declined to pick it up.  Just kidding.  No, seriously.  Just kidding.

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