Dos Esqueletos, Whistler Brewing Company

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Bastardos!

What better beer to drink on this, most May fifth of days, than a Mexican-style lager from Whistler Brewing Company?  And while it’s absolutely pissy out in the old Sea to Sky and not at ALL reminiscent of the climate south of the border south of the border, maybe if I put on my poncho, wrap my legs in a Mexican blanket and sip on a couple of these crafty Dos Esqueletos I can transcend my situation and arrive at the beach in sunny Sayulita.

After the first bottle, I’m not quite there yet and here’s why: the first time my feet hit the sand in that fabled fishing village there was a malnourished canine roaming about looking for gringos to gross-out.  We staked our claim and set up shop but the damned dog decided that, he too wanted this spot.  The fact that we’d already placed our towels down (the universal sign for ‘we got this’) did nothing to deter the poor mutt from his goal.  He shuffled into our proximity, looked at me with one good eye and one evil grin, then proceeded to relieve himself violently with a series of shudders.  Yup, there’s no counter to that claim.

It was the second bottle of Dos Esqueletos that did it for me.  I put the memory of that poor pooch to bed and recalled all the good times that were had: the fresh salsa, the warm, turbulent water putting it’s frothy ferocity on hold so I could ride a wave or two to shore, the sunset’s spent with MBW, all of this was present on the palate as I took a long pull from this thirst-quenching lager.  It mattered not one wit that I was sitting on my dilapidated deck on this grey, rain-soaked day.  My mind was in Mexico and my thanks goes out to Whistler Brewing for their fantastic take on a shitty Corona: no limes necessary.

As far as food pairings go, tortilla chips are a natural fit.  As far as musical accompaniments go, I would suggest Buenas Tardes, Amigo by Ween or maybe After Dark by Tito & Tarantula.  If you’re going for After Dark, you might as well buy a six-pack, get settled in, and watch From Dusk ’till Dawn because it’s been awhile, it’s awesome, and…you know…Salma Hayek.

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  1. Mat says:

    You know what? I wouldn’t normally spend my pesos on a Corona knock-off, but after reading your article I’m on my way to the bottle-o for a fresh pack-o-six.


  2. Not my cup of tea, or in this case glass of beer but …..Salma Hayek!!!!

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