On Vancouver Craft Beer Week and the Firing of a Friend…

As you might expect with a burgeoning global media entity like seatoskybeerguy.com, the road to success sometimes suffers potholes.  The latest bump along the way involved the firing of a friend.  But as the experience is too fresh for me to deal with right now, I’ll tell you the Who and the Why at the end.  Although,…Read moreRead more

Scout, a Rye IPA by Deep Cove

The Scout Rye IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers resonates on a couple different levels for a couple different reasons.  First of all, I was a scout.  I was a Beaver then I was a Cub then I was a Scout then I was Out.  Gazing into the dark brown bottle before me, I’m…Read moreRead more

On Vancouver Craft Beer Week and Flying Too Close to the Sun…

Things are starting to move pretty fast here at SeatoSkyBeerGuy.  I mean, things are really getting out of hand.  Last month my brother-in-law said, “You know what you should do?  You should write a blog about beer.”  That was last month.  Now I have a domain name and a website.  But apparently that isn’t enough, so…Read moreRead more

Beer Daze: Hazy or Sunny or Both?

Hello all and welcome to Beer Flights of Fancy.  For this post I thought I’d look at two local versions of what could be the blockbuster hit of the summer: the North East style IPA.  The  beers in question are Howe Sound Brewing’s Hazy Daze and Coast Mountain Brewing’s Sunny Daze. For those with a passing…Read moreRead more

A funny thing happened on the way to democracy…

May 9th, 2017 Instead of casting our vote into the ocean on any of BC’s advanced voting days, MBW and I decided to brave the democratic wave after work on the night of, so as to get caught in the flotsam and jetsam of Squamish’s democratic inhabitants and really press the flesh, as it were.   So…Read moreRead more

Sproat Lake, a dry-hopped pale ale by A-Frame Brewing

          The other day I went skateboarding while My Beautiful Wife took the kids to a puppet show.  Now that is how you start off a Beer Flight of Fancy!  Please allow me to explain and you’ll see why this became the perfect day to drink and review a delicious brew.  Living…Read moreRead more

Dos Esqueletos, Whistler Brewing Company

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Bastardos! What better beer to drink on this, most May fifth of days, than a Mexican-style lager from Whistler Brewing Company?  And while it’s absolutely pissy out in the old Sea to Sky and not at ALL reminiscent of the climate south of the border south of the border, maybe if I…Read moreRead more