Monthly Archive: May 2017


Scout, a Rye IPA by Deep Cove

The Scout Rye IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers resonates on a couple different levels for a couple different reasons.  First of all, I was a scout.  I was a Beaver then I...


Beer Daze: Hazy or Sunny or Both?

Hello all and welcome to Beer Flights of Fancy.  For this post I thought I’d look at two local versions of what could be the blockbuster hit of the summer: the North East style IPA....


Dos Esqueletos, Whistler Brewing Company

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Bastardos! What better beer to drink on this, most May fifth of days, than a Mexican-style lager from Whistler Brewing Company?  And while it’s absolutely pissy out in the old Sea...