My name is Malcolm.

I am a beer enthusiast but not an expert.

I am a writing enthusiast but not a pro.

Can I make these two great tastes taste great together?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but the gist of the jest is this:

I’m gonna write about people, places, and things that are both directly and tangentially related to beer.  In these writings there will be a slight slant towards the Sea to Sky Corridor.  This is only natural, being that it’s where I live and what I named the blog.  I hope you’ll find my writing style to be humorous, if a bit quirky, but engaging in a way that perhaps isn’t covered in the other beer blogs available to you.

It also might suck, like a blow-fish thru a blowhole.  But you won’t know this until you give it a try.

So how’s about you pop the cap off one of your favorite brewery’s bombers and let’s get into it, shall we?



Any and all inquiries & propositions can be made via email at seatoskybeerguy@gmail.com.  I read and generally respond to it all.  I’m cool like that.